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Monday, July 12, 2010

Chevrolet to boost individuality programme of building your own engine!! Video after the jump

Individuality that sets apart from your ride and others has become a popular and profitable option for many automakers seen in the last several years. Some of the automakers even offer customer the opportunity to pick up their cars at the factory as what we have seen being offered by Volkswagen and Audi. Even the Japanese, Mitsubishi to be exact also offers customer near the Mizushima area to book their cars in the factory and the car will be delivered at the dealer just a walk away from the factory.

For the 2011 model year, now Chevrolet has jump the bandwagon of offering an individuality option to the buyers of Z06 and ZR1 Corvette where the buyers can assemble the engine by themselves. This LS7 and LS9 V8 engine use in the two models that I have mentioned above are assembled at the Performance Build Centre in Wixom Michigan where the engine is hand built and assemble by a single technician from a bare block then all way through the entire engine assembly process with the finale of attaching a name plaque of the builder before delivery.
This Engine Built Experience is not intended to save some money to the buyers, in fact, buyers need to fork out an addition $5,800.00 plus travel to Detroit where they will learn all the process involved and ultimately build your own engine. Now that is what I call a true firsthand experience. Wonder if our local automotive maker would offer such experience. That would be nice. A name plate of your own name on the engine block.

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