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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ford shows off their 2011 Ford Explorer being tested for potential air leaks and panel gaps

Shown on this blog post are some videos from Ford on how they check and test the new 2011 Ford Explorer for potential leaks, gap and how to achieve good NVH (Noise, Harshness and Vibration). Ford uses quite a number of equipment to measure the gaps at the door, hatch and window and with the help of this high tech equipment, this will help the engineers to take accurate measurements on panel gaps and detect potential air leak issue before the vehicle goes out from the plant.

I do agree with what the engineers have describe in this video where he pointed out that the customers have grown much more complex and to keep up with the customers need of pursuing greater quality product, Ford have make and extra effort to have their standard much more stringent over the past three years. It is a good point of has been describe by this young chap, I do think Malaysia customer are already going towards understanding great quality in their cars where some customers can view the car and understand the manufacturing defects even though he/she can’t describe the root cause of the problem, but their sharp eyes and knowledge of quality is there, thus I think Malaysia car manufacturer has to be prepared to up their ante in order to fulfil the ever growing need of good and reliable quality cars here in Malaysia.

source: Ford

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